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Stencils for Painting & Sandblasting

Please note that Paint Blast US does NOT do in house sandblasting. We strictly provide stencil and painting services. All sandblasting is subcontracted.

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Paint Blast US has over 8 years of experience in stencil production and installation for heavy duty sandblasting, painting, and concrete staining. Most of our stencils are produced in-house and get applied on site by our team of specialists. If you aren't located locally then we are more than happy to ship our stencils anywhere in the US for your team to install with careful instructions from our staff. 

What should you expect from the process?

Once Paint Blast is awarded the job our design team takes the provided files and creates a set of shop drawings for initial client approval. It is important to make sure that all the design requirements are being followed and that any changes get address before production begins.
After our team has received the go ahead, Paint Blast US can move forward with cutting and applying the stencils. A stencil that has been placed cannot be moved to a different location or reapplied, unless it is steel. Our rubber stencils are one time use and adhere to the concrete to ensure a proper seal for sandblasting, staining or painting.

What is the best stencil for you?

Paint Blast US will always express the best way to achieve the results you are looking for. Every project is custom catered to client specifications.


This is our preferred method for unique custom stencils that have specialized lettering and details. Great for logos, coping stones, driveways, parks and more!

On Site Production

For this option, our team comes in and hand draws the requested design using a grid system. This is best for large lettering and graphic designs that are over 6'.

Steel Stencils

These waterjet stencils can be reused time and time again. This is a great option for simple patterns that need to be reapplied in multiple locations. This type of stencils will not work for painting or staining applications.

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